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Smart Appliances – dumb consumers

Dishwasher Control Panel

Control Panel of Dishwasher

It was hard to find a model of dishwasher that had an option for heating water or not.

The electric element at the bottom of most or all residential dishwashers heats the water to a predetermined temperature to make for a more effective wash. I wanted to be able to control this feature. It is cheaper to heat water in the gas water heater than with electricity, and for many washes our water is hot enough out of the tap. But very few models let you have any control over it – it will just turn on and heat the water while you are blissfully unaware, or at least unable to do anything about it.
I was able to find this model with an optional Added Heat button (I think its discontinued now) So I run the water hot out of the faucet, or run the dishwasher when we’ve already been running hot water for pans etc,. and forgo the electric resistance heat.
With the stainless steel interior it’s also an amazingly quiet machine an dries dishes very well with no heat for that either.
We should definitely be able to control our machines an the amount of energy they use. Unfortunately the trend always seems to be in the opposite direction


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