Hooray for the Vestibule

Entry Vestibule

A flip-up seat makes it easier to change shoes

The house has an entry space, a vestibule that serves several functions. In cold weather, closing the inner door helps to keep the heat in when people go in and out.
It’s a privacy barrier on occasion if unknown or unwelcome people come to the door.
It’s a place to take off wet or dirty shoes; and the tile floor can stand to have wet shoes, umbrellas and the like put on it. The little seat folds up against the wall. Its useful to sit on or just rest your foot on, to make it easier to put shoes on. To further encourage the inhabitants to take off outdoor shoes, there is a built in shoe store, which can be seen behind. Like all the custom millwork I made for the house, the seat and the closet door are made from the cherry wood harvested from the trees that formerly grew on the site.
Having a way to help prevent dirt from being tracked into the house is part of the Green agenda.

Cabinet showing house construciton, and LEED Certification diploma

There is also a little display that shows part of the wall construction, with the closed cell rigid foam insulation, the certified wood framing, and low-VOC products. Alongside are the Energy Star information and the LEDD for Homes Silver certification


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