Woolly Bear for Winter

Woolly Bear caterpillar in the fall

The Woolly Bear caterpillar is supposed to be able to forecast what kind of winter we will have. This is the common name for the caterpillar of the tiger moth, and it used to be pretty common. The old belief is that if it changes color to black or very dark brown, winter will be cold. If it stays its reddish brown color, then winter will be milder or shorter. As you can see, I spotted one today that is brown in the middle with just a bit of black at each end. So maybe we will have a predominantly mild winter – with colder bits at each end.
Or maybe the caterpillar is in the process of changing color before pupating and didn’t get all the way yet. After all it’s still amazingly mild. Or maybe it’s a fashion statement, I like the way it looks.


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