Recycled Cherry

Fireplace mantel

Fireplace mantel

We regretted having to cut down two mature black cherry trees on the site to make room for the house.  But having them turned into lumber and using this handsome wood throughout the house was a thrill.  Apart from a whole floor in the main bedroom, I used the wood for trim and built-ins throughout the house.  The mantel shown here is an example;  my carpentry skills may not be very advanced but they suffice for built-ins like this.

The logs had to be cut short enough to fit in the truck available, and taken away to be sawn and kiln-dried.  That took a while , but meanwhile the house was under cosntruction.  Originally I thought of having mobile sawmill come to the site, and then air dry the lumber.  So glad I didn’t.  For one thing, the site is way too small. 

The whole operation was not cheap. But is is a thrill to have ones own wood, especially cherry – and the address of the house is Cherry Street….  Plus it was a good reason to buy myself a new planer and a router, and a better table saw.


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