Pellet Stove

Pellet Stove

Pellet Stove

This cold weather it’s nice to have the wood pellet stove working away.  It gives a cheerful glow and flickering flames, and slowly consumes the bag of pellets which are poured in the top.  It is not as blazing as a traditional wood stove, but it also is much more enclosed and gives almost no fumes.  That was my wife’s directions.  This is a fireplace insert, rather than the more common freestanding stove, so it takes up little room in our economically planned house.  It is controlled by a thermostat and fires up by itself, so it is pretty automatic. 

It needs the cinders removed each time it’s used, by pulling a little lever.  Installing it was not at all simple – really the stoves seem to be designed to go into an existing situation, not new construciton.  I won’t go into the details of the problems.  It is nice to have now.   I just wish the Japanese would get into these things, then we could have better  designed products engineering-wise.
The pellets come in 40-pound bags, and we pay for them by the ton.  Then I just go and pick up a batch at the store, as I need them.  You do not have to find storage for a ton or two of wood pellets on your property!


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