Earth Tube Ventilation

Installed a second heat recovery ventilator, to exhaust air and provide fresh at my office.  Diazo blueprints, which I work from, can be smelly and I need the extra ventilation.  The ventilator unit will take some of the heat from the air that is being exhausted tio the outside, and warm the incoming air so that it is not so frigid.  In the Summer it will do the reverse, of course, saving some of the coolness from the airconditioning.  To helpt that process along I am bringing in the air via a pipe buried in the ground and coming in through the basement wall.  Unlike the main energy recovery unit which is in the attic, having this one in the basement under my office makes it easy to have the earth tube.  It is not a very long tube, but it should have some effect in tempering the air.

Earth tube - to cool the air

Earth tube - to cool the air


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