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Autumn Leaves

Most people it seems to me do not get it yet.  The whole thing of spending huge amounts of fossil fuel energy on cutting lawns, not to mention having grown men doing pointless work that at best should be done by teenagers, has struck me as ludicrous for a long time.  But even more stupid is the act of blowing leaves around with a dirty smelly noisy gas-powered leaf blower.  Often the aim seems to be to ‘neaten’ the property up by blowing the leaves into the road, where – guess what, they will soon be blown back or onto the neigbors’ property by the wind.  It takes a huge amount of time for my neighbor to corral his leaves in this way, and the noise is unpleasant even inside my house, really annoying if I should want to go out in my garden.  And of course this type will certainly chose the weekend, and often Sunday, to perform this rite.

It is so much more accurate and quicker to use a rake.  Remember those?  Raking the leaves gives me exercise, prevents me polluting the neighborhood and having to breathe in fumes, not to mention deplete the petrocarbon reserves for nothing and hasten global warming (maybe).  And it is quiet. 

What on earth is so wonderful about two stroke engines that they must be used to do any job that a man might set his hands to ?  (masculine tense used advisedly)

I take many of the leaves and pile them up at the back of the garden to make mulch.  The leaves of the norway maple I want off of my planting areas, especially, since they are mildly toxic to other trees and shrubs.  The tree is allelopathic, which means it can inhibit potential competitors with chemicals it produces.  So I do not want the leaves lying around, but nor are they adviseable as a compost in the garden.  I am hoping the Borough will suck them up this year so I raked tehm to the front. 

How even more despicable the leaf blower brigade if they then bag the leves in plastic and have their potential fertility carried off to a landfill.

raking leaves in the snow

raking leaves in the snow


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