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Starting Out

Let’s start by saying who I am – no, wait, more importantly what this blog is supposed to be about – not me, but green building. And in particular, the house I have built and now occupy in Media, PA – which is near Philadelphia.  This house was built as part of the LEED for Homes Pilot program.  That is a way of certifying that a house has what it takes to be considered “green” in the eyes of, well, some self appointed greenies, you might say.  Quite an influential group of green builders, the US Green Building Council.  They have been certifying commercial buildings for several years, awarding points for various aspects of the design and guaranteeing some degree of increased sustainability;  but trying to do the same for residential construction in the US is relatively new.

Anyway, we wanted to build a new, environmentally conscious, affordable new house.  Going with the program gives me more impetus to do things well, and maybe some kind of verification.  Hmm sounds like lack of  confidence in the product.  Well I did not yet get the rating or certification, but it is definitely a Green house, and I want to discuss some of the details that help to make it that way.

This blog is NOT about the theory of environmentalism, or about global warming, or a feel good exercise for myself or my readers.  It is predominantly about the whys and why-nots, the how-tos and the occasional bloopers or misconceptions of green building.  Based on my experience with this house and other bits of gleaned wisdom. 

The siteThis is the site, before we started in on the path of creative destruction


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